Ways To Update The Restroom For Cheap

We’ve all looked through a catalogue and thought the same thing: getting an entirely new bathroom would obviously be nice! Getting a new bathroom might be on the next home reno plan. Bathrooms are similar to kitchens in that there is so much to be done, but never quite enough time. That does not stop home improvement stores in Longmont from stocking parts for bathrooms and kitchens.

For those who have the budget, the time, and the necessity to get a new bathroom - congrats! For those who have a functional bathroom but want to bring it up to speed a little bit - congrats too!

In both cases there is a lot of creative freedom involved. From a purely artistic perspective, re-doing the bathroom is a lot of fun. It is a joyful ride being able to pick out tile flooring, match it with the color of the toilet, go for an entirely new vanity set-up, and so much more. The freedom to change the aesthetic and functional appeal of the bathroom feels really nice. Changing the bathroom brings a new feel to the entire house, and thus it feels great to change the entire style of the house by upgrading one room.

However, upgrading the bathroom comes at a financial cost. It is certainly not cheap to make the perfect bathroom, especially with a laundry list of other home reno projects in mind. There is a way to do it on the cheap though, especially by following some of these tricks:

Co-ordinate a new color scheme - A great way to update the feel of the bathroom is change the color scheme. Home reno stores offer cheap vanities or cabinets in red, blue, green, and more. Paint some of the wall the same color as the new vanity, and that’s a wrap.

Get a new shower faucet - There are so many new types of shower faucet on the market it really is overwhelming sometimes. A standard European look is a beam with two sliding shower heads (one big, one small). If the bath/shower needs a makeover this might be the right look to go for.

Go for a rustic look - Perhaps the bathroom is suffering from aesthetic confusion. Are there too many styles combined into one small room? If so, going rustic is a great solution. The texture and visual richness look these up of a wooden vanity and shelf is quite something. Getting a local carpenter to craft a wooden combination you can check here might be all the bathroom needs.

Tile the counter and the floor - A quick tile job is pretty affordable and revamps the room into whatever style the tiles happen to be. It’s a bold move no matter what and one that should off, as long as the counter tiles match the floor.

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